We have four residences in the Auckland region and one in Whangarei. We also have a facility for families, so that children can be with their parents during their recovery journey.

What’s it like?

Set on 5.2 acres, Odyssey’s main centre in Avondale offers a home-like environment with comfortable bedrooms, a communal lounge and a dining room. Onsite facilities include a gym, swimming pool, tennis court and football ground. 

Within the residential programme we provide medical and psychiatric assessment and treatment, cultural activities, individual and group counselling and education groups. We also help you to make long-term employment and education plans, develop your family support network and learn parenting skills.

What are the range of residential programmes for adults?

We offer:

  • An adult programme. This is our biggest service that can support a wide variety of people.
  • A young adult programme. This is incorporated into the adult programme, with additional support for those in their early twenties.
  • A family centre. This is incorporated into the adult programme. It is located on the same grounds, but in a separate house, which enables children to be with their parents during their recovery journey.
  • Three smaller programmes for people with co-existing mental health problems. Two of these programmes are in Auckland, and one is in Whangarei. These provide additional support for people who experience both mental illness and addiction.

Our supportive assessment and continuing care team can help you to explore your current situation, and figure out which of these options gives you the best opportunity to make changes.

Can family be involved?

We encourage family members to be actively involved with all stages of the treatment process. 

  • Family members can visit on the weekend and attend our monthly community dinners.
    Extra visits can be arranged as required.
  • Family members can also attend treatment planning sessions (where treatment goals are identified) and case review sessions.
  • On request we can run multi-family therapy sessions and education groups.

The therapeutic community 

Our programme is based on the ‘therapeutic community’ model. This is where people who work for us and people who are in recovery work together to make up a community. The community helps each other to learn skills, grow self-awareness, and keep the programme running each day.

All the members of our community share responsibility for encouraging positive change and providing support to each other towards recovery. The programme is focused on the sort of support that allows people to live successfully in the wider community.

Additional types of treatment that are included

Medical help: We work with a carefully chosen group of respected health professionals to provide medical and psychiatric assessment and treatment. 

Programme help: Within our live-in programme we provide: individual and group counselling; educational groups; cultural activities; help with developing long-term employment and education plans; family support and counselling; and opportunities to learn parenting skills.

After-programme help: People who have completed an Odyssey live-in programme are encouraged to share the skills and knowledge they’ve gained within their wider community. We help them to establish positive social relationships outside Odyssey and get a job. We also provide them with ongoing life skills coaching and support to maintain their recovery journey.

What about detoxification (detox)?

Sometimes people may need support to get substances out of their system before they are ready for the challenges of residential treatment. For some substances, this needs to be a medical detoxification, where health professionals monitor how our bodies are coping and provide the appropriate treatment. Our supportive assessment and continuing care staff will be able to explore with you whether these services are needed before you come to stay at Odyssey.