This is an exciting area of our service, where our vibrant team work with young people and their whānau while they are living in the community.

Also, have a look at our Time for a Change series on our resources page

Youth Community

Our youth community team can provide support to young people who are looking to come into our residential programme, and provide tailored support for them and their family after they leave. We use a number of proven therapeutic approaches, and use a combination of individual and group work. These sessions are held either at our centre or at home or school. There are so many important people in a young person’s life, and our team are skilled at working together with them. 

Stand Up! and Amplify! 

We work in partnership with secondary schools, alternative educations, and teen parent units. This programme blends positive youth development approaches with proven treatment approaches to empower young people to set challenging goals for themselves and reach their potential. For each of our partner schools, we have two trained alcohol and drug practitioners who work together with the fantastic school support staff team to support students. Check out our resource page to see an animation of how addiction can develop, which is the foundation of how we work in this programme, and to see examples of the work that we do with young people. Use the tool below to plan your journey through Stand Up! and Amplify!



These programmes have had two extremely positive independent evaluations. Young people who completed these programmes have reported: increased confidence; improved moods; increased social skills without using substances; improved relationships with their family; increased participation with school; a stronger sense of direction; and an increased sense of pride in who they are. 

Schools Early Intervention Pilot

We are piloting early intervention programmes in partnership with schools that focus on strengths, and the positive factors that can help young people to make good choices.

Te Puawai Aroha (Blossoming Love) - Children of Parents with Mental Illness and Addiction

Our COPMIA Programme, Te Puawai Aroha (Blossoming Love), is for children aged 9-16 in the area of Counties Manakau DHB. The programme runs over the school holidays and provides a fun environment for families to connect as well as build family relationships. The programme also aims to help children, youth and families learn more about how mental illness and/or addiction affect them, and find ways to cope with the challenges they may face.