We have a live-in treatment programme for young people aged 13 to 17 years old who have a problem with alcohol or drugs. This also includes support for those with mental health, care and protection, or youth justice needs.

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A place for learning

Our centre is a friendly, safe environment where young people are helped to develop resiliency, learn how to make positive choices and take responsibility for themselves and others. They learn life and social skills and receive treatment that fits their individual needs. This can include therapeutic group work, individual work and support from outside agencies and services.

We have a registered school

Education is an important part of treatment, and everyone in our youth programme attends Odyssey School. The Odyssey School is NZQA accredited, registered with the Ministry of Education and employs fully-qualified teachers. We set up an individual learning plan for each young person. This helps them to make progress quickly and achieve NCEA credits in core subjects such as Maths, English, Business Studies, Communication Skills and IT.

Focus on wellbeing

We want our young people to know how to have healthy lifestyles. This includes learning skills in cooking healthy food and having an active life. Our youth programme has a good component of physical activity, which can help our young people to safely test their physical boundaries through activities like rock climbing, running, and swimming.

Can family be involved?

Absolutely! We encourages family members to be actively involved at all stages of the treatment process. 

  • Visits can go both ways – the young person can go home for visits and family members can visit the centre
  • Family members can attend our regular community dinners
  • Family members can also attend treatment planning sessions (where treatment goals are identified) and case review sessions
  • On request we can run family therapy - individually and in groups 

What happens afterwards?

When young people leave our centre they are making fresh choices and have a plan for their future. To support them in the wider world, we have a community team to help them connect with positive peers and make smart decisions.