Need help now?

Addiction is when a person does not have control over what they are using or doing. There are many different names that have been given to this pattern, and you may have heard people using terms like alcoholism, dependence, or abuse. The key part is that it is a challenging situation and getting the right kind of support is important.


Not everyone who is experiencing negative effects from using alcohol or drugs is addicted to them. There is a wide variety of support available to fit what different people need at different stages.

Can Odyssey help?

We are very experienced at providing support for people who want to give up or cut down their alcohol, cannabis, and methamphetamine use, as well as many other drugs. We also provide specialised problem gambling support.


What is relapse?

It can be common for people to return to addictive patterns. This is called a lapse, or a relapse. Our continuing care services are designed to help people identify when they could be at risk of lapsing, and stay on track.


Are there online tools that I can use to reflect on myself?

Our friends at the Health Promotion Agency have some great online tools to help people reflect on their alcohol use. Check out these tools here.

We also have developed an animation and self-reflection tool to help young people see how addiction can develop, and reflect on their own patterns. Check out our youth resources page if you would like to have a go.