It’s not just about what happens while you are living with us! We know that there is a life outside of Odyssey, and we want to help you to have the best chances of success as you continue your journey after Odyssey.

Odyssey Continuing Care

For people who have completed an Odyssey programme, our Continuing Care team look at the big picture to offer assistance that’s right for each individual and their family. This can include:

  • Support for transitioning back into the community
  • Coping skills for everyday life
  • Help to reduce chances of relapse and harm 
  • Access to the right sort of support groups
  • Preparation for re-entry into live-in treatment if required

Support to find a job

Part of the Odyssey journey is finding a job after completion of a live-in programme. We make this easier by helping with CV preparation, interview coaching and learning workplace skills. Our employment advisors also talk directly to potential employers to find suitable work opportunities.