Other Services

We have some great partnerships that enable us to work together with others, to get support where it needs to be!

Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment Court –
Te Whare Whakapiki Wairua (The House that Lifts the Spirits)

We work collaboratively together with some great organisations and services to help people to deal with their addiction and criminal behaviour. This is a multi-agency team who also work to help participants repair stressful social and emotional situations, such as homelessness and broken whānau relationships.

Drug Treatment Unit

We work within a specialist unit at Paremoremo Prison to help people make positive changes while they are in prison. One of the aims of this service is to support younger people who have committed offences to get specialist support to change their patterns. These programmes are three months long.

Check out our innovation and research section to hear more about some exciting projects that we are involved with to help share specialist addiction skills and knowledge with, others in our communities.